4 of the best last minute Valentines Day gifts

Love is in the air!

9 February 2018

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Love doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does it need much time to organise.

If you're still struggling with that perfect gift idea for that special someone in your life, look no further than these four, simple, yet very effective Valentines Day gift ideas.

We've teamed up with our friends at Blooming Gorgeous Florist in Toowoomba who gave us their expert advice on luurrrrrve! 

1. Candlelit dinner 


Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, and if you're already saying to yourself "But, I can't cook?!" - well, that's where Ubereats comes in. Put it on a plate and claim that you whipped it up with love! 

Because there's nothing sexier than eating your favourite meal cooked by your partner at the dinner table with a bottle of Chandon and Ferrero Rocher for dessert - available at Blooming Gorgeous.

Create a Spotify love playlist created especially for you to listen to over dinner and then afterwards, watch a movie you've picked out together on Netflix. 

2. Bubble bath 


There's a bath... and then there's a BATH!

Adding bath salts or a bath bomb adds the perfect touch of romance. Pour your lover a glass of vino, play soft music in the background and if its big enough... hop in with them! 

If you want to go that one step further, add rose petals to the water or burn a PS I love you candle - both available from Blooming Gorgeous.

3. Books or CD 


There's something very personal about gifting a book or a CD. It subtly suggests that you know that person inside out and have listened to their interests!

If you're unsure on what genre they'd like, opt for a best seller in store or perhaps a coffee table book on one of their interests like travel or cooking. 

4.  The Power of a Flower


There's a reason flowers are the most commonly seen Valentines Day gift in the world. It's 'cause they work -  every, single, time.

Why steer too far from tradition, especially when it's so simple to organise! Blooming Gorgeous in Toowoomba have the most gorgeous roses and flower arrangements. 

Order a stunning 3 set rose bouquet for only $45 or if you're want the whole shebang, the elaborate grand selection of 24 long stem roses can be snatch up for $325.

Want something a little different? Their 'Romance Kit' for $120 includes chocolates, rose petals, a candle and champagne - ooh la la! 

For the full selection at Blooming Gorgeous visit their website here and spoil your lover this Valentines Day! 

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