4 fun things to do on a school night

The kids will never be bored again!

In association with iPlay Australia

20 December 2017

In association with iPlay Australia

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If your kids love getting out and about and burning energy, you'll have no other choice than to take them to take part in a range of fun Gold Coast-based activities! After homework, treat your kids to a school night full of adventure and excitement - did we mention you can get involved too?! These mid-week activities are sure to lift their spirits and help them get through the "painful" school week:

Laser Tag

Laser tag has to be one of the best activities out there. It's action-packed and feels like you're in your favourite Xbox game! Run and hide your way through the maze while tagging the other teams with laser beams to score points! You're all bound to work up a sweat and have a heap of fun along the way!

Ten Pin Bowling 

Bowling will never go out of fashion, it's way too enjoyable! Round up the family and play some Ten Pin Bowling! The little ones can get involved too and it's a great came for accuracy, skill and, just for a bit of a laugh! You'll be a pro in no time!

Dodgem Cars

Slide around corners and sneak up on other players while driving around in a dodgem car! What better way to surprise the kids than taking them to play on dodgem cars? You'll score all of the brownie points and you can go up against them! Whoever wins has to buy the ice-cream (with Mum's card)!!

Arcade games

Homework done? Take the kids to play some old school arcade games! The best part is collecting tonnes of tickets to win prizes. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained and the range of games is impressive - they'll be playing for hours!



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