38 Queenslanders Arrested Following Operation Ironside Raids

Including a former Ninja Warrior

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via Queensland Police

Thirty-eight Queenslanders were arrested following the Operation Ironside crime bust, the largest in Australian history.

Over 200 officers conducted 55 raids in Queensland, leading to the arrest of major organized crime figures, motorcycle gang members and even a former Ninja Warrior contestant. The arrested Queenslanders have been charged with a total of 152 offences.


The Operation, which saw that compromised phones were planted into crime circles in 2018, enabled police to intimately monitor some of the country’s most dangerous criminals over the last three years.

Overall, more than 200 people were arrested across the country as a result of the sting, with over 3,000kg of drugs and $45m of dirty money being seized. Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner, Lesa Gale, said that the collective jail terms would “run into hundreds of years”.

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10 June 2021

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