30 Thoughts every girl has in the lead up to the Gold Cup

Or am I just an over thinker?

9 May 2017

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  1. oh god we’re only a couple weeks out and I still haven’t chosen a dress!
  2. maybe i can get away with that black dress I wore to my mates birthday last year if I throw on a colourful fascinator!
  3. Nah i need a new one! Time to hit the shops!

  4. oooooooh cute dress but I can’t buy the first one I see
  5. *5 hours of shopping later* “hi i’m back to buy that dress I tried on earlier!
  6. Ok dress done I need shoes and a bag and a fascinator!
  7. Boys have it so easy…
  8. SHIT I hope they still have tan appointments open or I'll be doing it myself!

  9. I could probably get away with not fake tanning for the races….
  10. HAHA no that would be crazy I’d be the only ghost out there!
  11. Who do I go to for make up! Too many good options
  12. So many shoes online! And they are all so cute but will they make it on time?

  13. Oh crap I forgot Jewellery!
  14. If I stole this necklace from mum she wouldn’t notice yeah?
  15. To marquee or to not marquee where are all the gals gonna be?
  16. There were some hotties in staffs marquee last year!
  17. Who am I kidding of course we are going marquee! I wanna be a VIP for the day!
  18. Is this fascinator too much?
  19. I feel like a QWEEN this must be how beyonce feels everyday
  20. OH god is my fake tan blochy? jesus why did it have to rain today!
  21. If I get my nails done I won’t be able to play netball the day after gold cup
  22. I CANNOT be caught at the races without my nails done.

  23. I should break these shoes in before friday or I’ll be carrying them all day
  24. Must find a bag big enough to carry my shoes and a back up pair
  25. Should I curl my hair? Straighten it? Up do? 
  27. What’s in this year? Is something trending? I wish I was cooler 
  28. ok I didn’t realise how revealing this dress was I need to buy some boob tape!

  30. This is going to be the Best Gold Cup Yet!

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