25 Unique Baby Boy & Girl Names Every Mum Will LOVE In 2020

We call dibs!

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When it comes to baby names, there are so many endless possibilities that it seems almost impossible to ever choose the right one!

However, if you’re looking for a name that is on trend, gorgeous and will have all your friends talking, then you might want to read on!

Moms.com and babygaga.com revealed the 25 unique girls and boys names set to take over the baby scene in 2020 and we’re loving them all. 

Jot down the ones you’d love for your future little one!

Girls' Names 

Isla - ‘island’ 

Anastasia - ‘resurrection’ 

Ranya - ‘to gaze at’ / ‘delectable’ 

Leila - ‘of a heavenly flower’ / ‘one who is born at night’ 

Samara - ‘capable’ 

Neveah - is ‘heaven’ spelled backwards 

India - ‘timeless’

Thalia - (Ta-lee-uh) ‘blossom’ 

Aaliyah - ‘to ascend’ 

Mila - ‘pleasant’ / ‘dear’ 

Anaya - ‘god is listening’ / ’answer of god’

Seraphina - ‘fiery’ 

Anika - ‘sweetness of face’ 

Zaria - a natural born leader’ idealistic 

Evangeline - ‘like an angel’

Calla - ‘arum lily’ (a South African lily)

Wynn - ‘fair’

Dinah - ‘avenged’ 

Kaia - ‘the sea’ / ‘wise child’ / ‘forgiveness’ 

Hadlee - ‘of heather-covered meadows’

Mireya - ‘miracle’ 

Adeline - ‘noble’

Teegan - ‘little poetess’ / ‘beautiful’ 

Priya - ‘beloved’ / ‘darling’ 

Mera - ‘princess’ 


Boys' Names

Killian - ‘little church’ 

Phelan - (Fay-lan) ‘wolf’ / ‘beauty’ 

Aryn - ‘Ireland’ 

Loki - ‘god of mischief’ 

Wilder - ‘hunter’ 

Jasper - ‘bringer of treasure’ 

Isaac - ‘laughter’

Caspian - ‘treasurer’

Bauer - ‘farmer’ 

Jayden - ‘thankful’ 

Riaan - ‘little king’ 

Matteo - ‘gift of god’ 

Kyrie - ‘lord’ 

Kaison - ‘son of fighter’ / ‘rebel’

Zayn - ‘beauty’ / ‘grace’ 

Noah - ‘wandering’ 

Callum - ‘dove’ 

Alfie - ‘wise counsellor’ 

Atlas - ‘to carry’

Thiago - ‘supplanter’ 

Brentley - ‘dweller by the burnt land’

Jaxon - ‘god has been gracious’ 

Ezra - ‘help’ 

Emmett - ‘truth’

Theodore - ‘god’s gift’


Make sure your friend doesn’t take a name you love - call dibs!


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