21 Thoughts I Will Have Today As I Wait Until After Work To Watch Game Of Thrones

It's going to be a stressful day.

Entertainment News Team

15 April 2019

Entertainment News Team

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Game Of Thrones is back for the final ever season, and I couldn't be more excited. 

Unfortunately for the majority of Australians, the episode drops on Foxtel in the morning and we will have to suffer through an entire day of work before we are able to watch it tonight.

Avoiding spoilers is going to be tough. You should probably get off the Internet. 

Here's how I see my day going: 

1. TODAY IS THE DAY IT'S FINALLY BACK! I can't wait to watch it tonight. 
2. How the %^*^#$* am I going to avoid spoilers?
3. I wonder if my boss would let me go into a meeting room and watch Game Of Thrones?
4. Surely if I got ALL the Game Of Thrones fans in the office together we would be able to rise up against everyone and insist on watching the episode.
5. OK no my boss says that's ridiculous. 
6. OMG OMG OMG it's starting. And I'm sitting at my desk. This is so unfair. 
7. I wonder what's happening?
8. Has anyone died yet? 
9. Has Jon reunited with Sansa and Arya and Bran yet?
10. Do Jon and Daenerys know they are related?
11. Have the White Walkers reached Winterfell yet?
12. OK no one speak to me the episode is over I don't want to know anything. 
13. Turning off my phone right now I can't avoid to come across spoilers on social media. 
15. Going to focus on my work. That's all I need. It's just a few hours. 
16. OMG those people on the other side of the office are talking about spoilers HOW DO THEY EVEN KNOW THIS!
17. Telling my boss I'm sick. I've got Greyscale. 
18. He literally laughed in my face and said I can't go home. An hour to go. 
19. Ten minutes to go. Watching those seconds tick down. 
20. Have I re-registered my Foxtel Now account? Will I be able to watch it?

If you successfully manage to avoid spoilers today, well done. 

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