2016 Is Back, Coz Richie & Alex Might Be Going On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

The DRAMA continues...

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

2 October 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We’re deep into the drama of this year’s The Bachelor, but cast your minds back to 2016, when Richie Strahan shocked everyone by choosing Alex Nation over golden girl Nikki Grogan. 


The duo called it quits after a year and New Idea is now reporting that the former couple will both be appearing on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise!

“Producers wanted these old lovers to join them in Fiji last year, but the timing was all wrong.

“Alex’s relationship with Maegan Luxa was in full swing and they had just moved into a Mornington Peninsula home with Alex’s son Elijah.

“Richie was heartbroken and certainly not ready to sign up to yet another reality TV show so soon after being publicly dumped just months earlier.”

They continued, saying that they have both agreed to being on the show after being offered “significant appearance fees.”

Richie and Alex were reportedly not supposed to know they were both going on the show, with the magazine explaining, “This was meant to have a big element of surprise attached to it.

“Richie and Alex are not meant to know that the other person has been confirmed for the series. They were literally going to rock up for shooting and find each other on the set...you can only imagine how that was going to play out.

“This is going to be television gold, the sort of stuff reality TV makers wet themselves over.”

If true, this is going to be VERY interesting… 


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