$2.4 billion pumped into the bowser

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A $2.4 billion rescue package was unveiled by Prime Minster Scott Morrison on Monday, set to increase Australia’s fuel production and security. 

In a bid to keep them open, Australia's last refineries will be paid up to 1.8 cents for every litre produced, until 2030.

The announcement came after months of drawn-out meeting with the Australian Workers Union following the closure of refineries in W-A and VIC.

National Secretary DANIEL WALTON said the two remaining oil refineries in Australia, based in Brisbane and Geelong will “create job security” for over 1200 workers.

PM announces $2.4 Billion fuel plan 

The project gives “hope for the thousand plus refinery workers around the country, to ensure they stay open and they keep producing critical fuels to keep our nation powering", he said.

A part of the broader package, Energy Minister Angus Taylor said, "it ensures we have the fuel we need when we absolutely need it".

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17 May 2021

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