18 Things That Happen EVERY Year At GTM Bunbury

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24 April 2018

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Groovin the Moo Bunbury is soooooooooo close we can almost taste it! But let’s be real, with all the excitement around being at a festival with your fam there are a few things that ALWAYS happen!

  1. Trying to find celebs the day before getting coffee or food in town
  2. Trying to find someone who lives close to Hay Park to have pres with so you can walk together
  3. We all have that one friend who goes waaaay to hard at pres….. You know who you are!
  4. Let’s be real you’re gonna lose your friends 10 minutes after getting through the gates
  5. You can’t call said lost friends because you have like NOOOOO phone signal
  6. Making friends with people who are also waiting in line for 30 mins to use the toilet
  7. Constantly rushing to the next stage so you don’t miss your favorite act
  8. Spending your hard earned cash on overpriced drinks and food… But you still do it anyway because there’s nothing better than a pulled pork and slaw burger at 3 in the afternoon…
  9. Not only have you lost all your friends but you end up losing your phone, wallet, bag, sunnies, hats or shoes? And pretty much your dignity by the end of the night
  10. After all of that your phone dies…
  11. Watching all the people who didn’t get tickets try and jump the fence!
  12. Bumping into old school friends throughout the whole of GTM
  13. Wearing a total bangin’ summer outfit and instantly regretting it by 5pm when you are cold AF at Hay Park
  14. Buying a cheap poncho because it rains EVERY. DAMN. YEAR.
  15. Finding your lost friends at the very end of the night!
  16. Waiting FOREVER for a dirty feed after GTM at Maccas Hay Park and regretting it instantly with the amount of people waiting for a cheeseburger….
  17. Going to Fitzi's for kickons 
  18. Struggling to get a way home because let's be real the taxi rank is a line you don't want to wait in or you live in Boyanup, Australind, Treendale or waaay out of Bunbury and you consider actually walking home…
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