150 Stranded Australians Are Set To Arrive From COVID-Ravaged India

3, 2, 1, Blast Off

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A Qantas flight from Delhi will touch down Friday morning as the first direct flight to Adelaide since the travel ban expired in May.

Adelaide’s biggest medi-hotel has introduced several more safety measures as they await the arrival of around 150 passengers returning home to Australia from India.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Emily Kirkpatrick said the hotel quarantine system is more secure than ever.

“We’ve put in extra steps to make sure this can be as safe as possible, for everyone coming over particularly for our staff who work within our Medi hotels”, she said.

Acknowledging the greater risk of the Indian strain of the virus, Kirkpatrick said it

“changes how we do our quarantine. It requires us to think around when people open their doors and what sort of masks people are wearing”.

First Flight From India To Adelaide Since Travel Ban:

On Thursday, one passenger who was due to board the flight was removed after returning a positive COVID test.

Kirkpatrick said everyone who comes off Friday’s flight will be tested every day.

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3 June 2021

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