15 Minute Free Parking Coming To Townsville City


Carley Whittington

25 June 2018

Carley Whittington

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We're always hunting around the bottom of our wallet for spare change when parking in the city, but hunt no longer! 


If you just need to 'run in and out' of your fav shop in the CBD, you can park for 15 minutes for FREE. 

Our Mayor Jenny Hill said introducing the free parking will help encourage more people to come into the CBD.

“Local businesses and the community have called for free parking in the city and my team of councillors has listened,” Cr Hill said.

“It’s no secret some traders have been doing it tough over recent years but Council is doing whatever it can to try and boost trade by making it easier for everyone to come into the CBD.

“I’m very proud to introduce free parking in the CBD as part of the 2018-19 Budget.”

Local Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney said introducing free 15-minute parking in the CBD will be positive for local traders.

“Introducing free parking will allow everyone the chance to drop into the city to pick up a coffee, return a library book, post a letter or run errands without having to pay for a park,” Cr Greaney said.

Encouraging people to come into the CBD with free parking will hopefully lead to more people rediscovering what’s on offer in our city.

“Council has put a lot of effort into enlivening our city hear, whether it’s through new street art projects or temporarily transforming vacant shopfronts through programs such as the Pop Up Percivals.

“Introducing the 15-minute free parking is another strategy Council has developed to make the CBD a more attractive place to visit.”

Motorists will be able to park for the first 15 minutes free in any 2-hour parking space within the city centre.

“Townsville’s parking rates, at $1 an hour, are among the cheapest in the state and now our fines will be too,” Cr Hill said.

Cr Hill said motorists would still need to collect a ticket from the machine in order to access the free 15-minute parking throughout the CBD.

“Collecting a ticket, even if there’s no charge, will allow our inspectors to know exactly when a car has been parked to ensure people aren’t overstaying and there is a regular turnover of those car parks,” Cr Hill said.

15-minute free parking is expected to commence by the end of July. 

It comes after Council slashed parking fines for motorists who overstay their allocated time, which were cut from $75 and $37 to just $31.

Free CBD parking over the Christmas period will be back later this year.


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