13 Things Everyone Who Travels On Sydney Trains Will Know

Trying to park at Epping Station.

Sohan Judge

23 March 2017

Sohan Judge

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If you've ever travelled with Sydney Trains, you will likely have experienced most of these things. 

Town Hall and Wynyard Station are actual saunas.

Even in Winter, we all know it’s time to take off our jacket when we walk into Town Hall and Wynyard station. Otherwise, we will sweat off our body weight while waiting for a train.


If your opal card registers on the first tap, it’s going to be a good day.

And you’re lucky if the ticket barrier doors don’t close on you on the way out.

Just once, it would be great to refuse to let someone take the middle seat.

It would be great NOT to be completely squished on this journey home, thanks.


Every platform at Central Station is a mosh pit in peak hour.

You don’t want to have to wade your way through that crowd.

The worst thing you could possibly see is a sign that says ‘bus replacement services’.

You just know it will take you twice the amount of time to reach your destination.


When you’re running late, it’s after 8am and you have to wait 20 minutes for the next train on the Inner West Line.

You will NEVER miss your train again.


God help you if someone sits next to you who smells.

You’re going to have a horrible ride to work. 


Good luck finding parking at Epping Station.

Not gonna happen.

That someone who eats hot food on the train in peak hour.

Smelling those delicious chicken nuggets just makes you hangry.


The train conductor decides that a 7:07am peak hour express service is the best time to try out his comedy routine over the loudspeaker.

You haven’t had coffee yet, and this guy’s voice is blaring down the speaker and all you want to do is lean against the window and fall asleep. NOT listen to this guy.

When you sit down on a seat but it’s warm from the previous passenger’s butt.

Equally gross and comforting.

The moment you get comfortable in your seat, you have to get up to let someone out.

You JUST settled down and untangled your headphones. So annoying.


When you finally get off the damn train and feel that fresh air.


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