12 Things TSV People Will Say During Origin

Have we missed any?

19 June 2017

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We're footy nuts in Townsville, and always pay close attention to our Cowboys who wear the Maroons jersey. 

So with Game 2 on this Wednesday night, we're certain that there's a few sentences we'll all be saying during the State vs State clash...

1. "We better win this one"

2. "Lucky they've got JT and Slater playing"

3. "No one better call me during the game"

4. "Hopefully the boys will be able to back it up at home this weekend"

5. "Who wants another beer?"

6. "If they play like that on Saturday arvo, they'll smash Penrith"

7. "Michael Morgan is a genius"

8. "How much did NSW pay the bloody Ref?!"

9. "Go Hessy, you good thing!!"

10. "How does JT kick like that?!"

11. "Get off Coopz, ya grub!"

12. "It's too intense, I can't watch"

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