100 Refugees Fleeing Taliban Ruled Kabul Land Safely In Adelaide

Are we doing enough?

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A flight of evacuees from Afghanistan touched down in Adelaide on Wednesday morning. 

The group of 100 refugees fleeing Kabul are understood to be Australian citizens and Afghan nationals who have worked for Australia, and all carry humanitarian visas.

The South Australia Briefing

Landing down at Adelaide Airport around 4am, the group escorted by Australian Defense Forces were transferred in buses to the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hindley Street to undertake 14 days of quarantine.

Despite Australian troops helping more than 1700 people escape over the past week, fear is turning to despair for many Australian visas or passports holders who remain left behind driven back from Kabul Airport gates by Taliban forces. 

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said the situation remains increasingly urgent for those who remain stranded.

“We will be there working for as long as we can, obviously the situation in Kabul, in particular, is extreme,” she said

“We’re doing all that we can, it is very difficult to make sure that people have the right documentation to be able to get through to the airport, but we also know that advice that people are needing to be able to get through is changing.”

- MP Karen Andrews


However, World Vision chief Tim Costello told the ABC Australia is not doing enough to help get more people out.

"if you are just displacing people who are already waiting to come to Australia by saying it’s just within the humanitarian cap, that's not morally serious work. And that's why I think many Australians are rising up and saying 'we have to do better'"

- AO Tim Costello

The Taliban has given the western world a deadline of August 31 deadline to evacuate out of Afghanistan. 


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25 August 2021

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