100 Extra Sydney Police Out In Force Cracking Down On COVID Compliance

Enforcing lockdown rules

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An extra 100 police have been deployed across Sydney's south west this morning, to ensure COVID-19 rules are being followed.

Included in the extra police will be highway patrol officers, the dog unit and mounted police.

It comes after 38 locally acquired COVID cases were recorded in Sydney on Thursday, with more than half of those infections in the south west.

The crackdown has drawn criticism for singling out one part of the city. Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone told Nine he wants to see better communication.

"People are isolating, people are concerned, and I urge our community to do the right thing. But I also urge the police not to be strong in the sense of...it's not about finding people. People of western Sydney are not criminals, this is a medical emergency. I ask the police to work with the community," he said.
Officers are urging people to stop mingling with extended family and friends. Authorities are concerned about low testing numbers and breaches. Police will be targeting mask wearing and will be ensuring all residents have a valid excuse to leave home.

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Amber Lowther

8 July 2021

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Amber Lowther

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