10 Thoughts You Probably Had After Color Run

What an amaze day!

Carley Whittington

15 October 2017

Carley Whittington

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On Sunday 5,000 North Queenslanders turned into 'Rainbows on Legs' at the super fun Color Run 2017. 

Since then there's no doubt been a few thoughts crossing your mind. 

For example...

1. I hope this doesn't wreck mum's washing machine!

2. Will the boss be ok with temporary tats on my forehead tomorrow?

3. This is what Smurfs must feel like...

4. Can joggers go in the washing machine?


5. Even my snot is blue! 

6. How did the powder get there?!

7. Is it alright to go to Woolies before I wash this off?

8. I don't want to go back to boring non-coloured skin...

9. I hope my sister doesn't want her socks back

10. What's the date for next year?

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