10 Big Moments in South Australia in 2016

A LOT Happened This Year!

20 December 2016

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2016 was a big year worldwide, but even in South Australia we had some big wins... and a few hiccups...

10 - It Snowed In Hahndorf

(yes, it happens basically every year but it was still pretty impressive!)


9 - Adelaide United Won The A-League Grand Final

After a very poor start to the season, the Reds won in front of 50,000 supporters at the Adelaide Oval

8 - Nick Xenaphon Turned Up To The Senate In His Pyjamas

A good year for the Nick Xenaphon Team, taking the seat of Mayo... but we loved that he turned the Senate Chamber into a slumber party!

7 - Greenhills Adventure Park Closed

Open since 1982, we had to finally say goodbye to the water trikes in May this year.

6 - George Lucas Enjoyed One Of Our Food Courts

He was in town supporting his wife and while she was at the Convention Centre, he thought he'd sample some of our finest cuisine...

5 - The Nuclear Discussion

A lot of noise was made on both sides on whether South Australia should allow nuclear dumping. This one will probably drag into 2017...

4 - The New Royal Adelaide Hospital Was Completed

Yep, the nRAH had been in use since October 2016... wait a minute... (maybe we'll get to include this next year)

3 - RnB Fridays Live 2016

RnB Fridays might be a musical feature phenomenon nationwide but it started here in Adelaide about 18 months ago. Now RnB Fridays is enjoyed on Hit radio stations across Australia, has released two double CDs, and in November gave us 10 superstar RnB stars on stage! Now we're looking forward to RnB Fridays Live 2017!

2 - Kyle Chalmers Won Gold at the Olympics

From Immanuel College to 100m Freestyle Gold in Rio, and the AIS have just named him Australian Male Athlete of the Year!

1 - The Big Blackout

A lot of candles were burned that day... Yep, somehow THE WHOLE STATE (except Kangaroo Island) lost power! Pretty sure we'll all remember what we were doing on September 28, 2016...

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