The Reality Of Being A Social Media Content Creator

What this job is really like!

The Reality Of Being A Social Media Content Creator

I feel like such a wanker having "content creator" in my Instagram bio. It was "jelly beans for dinner" for a while but I felt that wasn't super professional - accurate, but not professional. 

I make comedy online (and IRL) so I guess the only way to really describe what I do is to call myself "creator" (even if it sounds wanky AF).

(I'm also a radio announcer - I start this weekend across Australia, but for this purpose lets concentrate on digital.)

Being an "online content creator" is such a new job not a lot of people really understand what we do. To be honest, we don't really understand what we're doing. Most of us are just constantly shocked that we're able to sustain jobs online. But, we are super aware it probably won't be around forever.

Because is so new, I have noticed that there is a vast difference between what people think we do and what we actually do.

How people think a full time social media person's life is:

11am - wake up
12pm - gym 
1pm- post selfies 
3pm - open PR packages and bask in free stuff 
5pm - go to glamorous red carpet events, meet celebrities, and drink amazing drinks and get more free stuff.
10pm- drink skinny me tea and sleep on an expensive #spon bed 



How it actually is:

Every day is different. Which is good and bad. (If you need structure this gig probably isn't for you. I should also point out that every creator is different and my experience isn't indicative of everyone's.)

7am - I'm up cause I have a breakfast radio brain. I'm on email straight away because I'm a workaholic. Also some of my work is international and my emails come in overnight. I like to be across the news too.

8am - Coffee and check in with my manager who would probably prefer I didn't. I'm really annoying to manage but I am very attractive, so she wins and loses. 

9am - Gym. ( imagine...Walking up the stairs in my apartment is hard enough.) I'll eat brekky and then I will start writing. I'm always writing. Could be an article, a script, maybe a book idea, radio ideas and also poor acrostics. (I do most of this on my phone. I actually wrote most of my book on my phone, I'm writing this on my phone on a plane.)

12pm - It depends day to day, sometimes I'll be on set, sometimes I'm in a meeting, pitching ideas to different organisations, or recording at the radio station. I spend a lot of time organising collaborations, organising people to be in my videos, scheduling content etc. 

1pm - Again, pending the day, I will film. Then I will edit straight after if I'm feeling it. I'm so lazy. I'll only film when I feel it. If I don't want too... I won't. I hate forcing myself. I feel the quality is lower if I'm not vibing it. Which is why I bank a lot of videos. I will film 5 in a row and just release them slowly. For example I filmed a video in February and released it in November.  

A lot of people in social do this because consistency is key online. 



2pm - Another chat with manager and probably a client and lunch... (Generally - Subway because it's a great excuse to get cookies).

4pm - Always checking emails, but working with clients or production companies is always a lot of back and forth on emails. Agreeing on content that works for both of you can be a really long process. (Sometimes it can take months of going back and forward.)

6pm -  I'll jump on a call to someone in the industry. It's such a weird job and you have to have friends around you who work in social too, otherwise you'll go mental. If you are a lone creator it gets super isolating. My go to calls are Christian Hull, I'll text Alan Tsibulya and I'll DM Greta from Skitbox.

7pm - I'm not one really to go to red carpet events unless I really want to. But a lot of social media people do, it's a great chance to have a fun night and meet new people. I feel like we get such great opportunities and I am very grateful. 

But to be honest they stress me out. Red carpet pics are hell. They make you line up and then walk it, sometimes they announce you and then the scrum will take photos. I didn't want to do it at the opening of a show and my friend was the publicist and made me. She announced me to the press and no one took a photo. It was sad AF. I just stood there sweaty and foul, in head to toe Cotton On. 

For me, being inside with no bra and being pant-less is a good time NOT being in supportive undies at a red carpet breathing in. Plus make up and hair - it's a full day thing I would rather use to make something. So if I'm ever on a red carpet you will know that I must really wanna be there if I've give up on a night of being braless watching High School Musical 2



Also between 6:30-7pm is the best time to put up a video online if your audience is Australian. Timing uploads is imperative. The way a video performs in the first hour defines its overall performance.

9pm - I watch a lot of YouTube and a lot of TV to inspire me. (Yessss “inspire”.... that's what I tell myself… any excuse to watch TV).

12am - It depends on the day. But I will generally go to sleep around this time. But I never can. I always have ideas swelling in my head. You can't stop or take long breaks in social it's an ever-changing, evolving beast. You gotta stay on top of it and that's stressful AF. 

The most common misconception is that we "don't work", which, for me, is so frustrating as I work my arse off... most of us do. (I mean some don't... #shade).

If you're considering making content online, my advice is: STOP THINKING AND START CREATING. The best outcome is you go crazy viral and get your own TV show, but if all you get out of it is a ‘Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit’, you're still doing ok - that stuff is great. #ad

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