Tanya Hennessy Reveals Some Of The Weird Messages She Gets Online

"I’m not being rude it’s just a fact"

Tanya Hennessy Reveals Some Of The Weird Messages She Gets Online

I create videos online and I’m on the radio. So, it’s safe to say I am available for people to love, hate and comment upon.  

But I don’t want to bang on about the hate I receive online. To be honest, I think we hear enough about the trolls. They exist and they are awful.

I want to tell you about the creeps, the weirdos and the strange people who live online.

I get around ten weirdo/creepy messages in my DMs a day. Some are like “I will never sleep again” terrifying, but most are damn funny.

Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, here are the unsung heroes of the online community. The weirdos… Part 4.

(Parts 1/2/3 are on my Facebook page and in my book)

Tyler: “Tanya I want to draw you in sandals can I have a few pics of you in sandals”

Raj: “I don’t want to upset you but you’ve gained a lot of weight and you should probably fix that”

Riley: “You're more attractive in fake tan. I’m not being rude it’s just a fact. Don't screenshot this and use it as a video. It’s just that without it - you don’t look good. Again, just a fact. I’m not bullying you. I just think that when you don’t wear you don’t look nice. I’m not a troll - I’m trying to help you. Please wear fake tan.”

Mel: “I saw you on my Jetstar flight, I was behind you and you smelt like I thought you would”

Kylie: “Can you come to our charity run? I know that’s a big ask, cause you don’t really move. But you can just do a social media post?”

Dave: “Are you married cause if you’re single I’ll come to your house at night. What's your address?”
(I didn’t respond)
Dave: “I noticed you didn’t respond… why? I'm not being creepy. I'm asking you out”
(Still didn’t reply)
Dave: “This is why I hate women”

Tina:  “I’m so annoyed you’re not lesbian. I watch all of your videos and think about your round boobs” 

Michelle: “My kids love you cause they think you look like Peppa pig”

Sheryl: “Can you emcee our (local fair)?
It’s in Orlando you can sleep at my Nan’s”
Me: “Sorry I live in Australia :(
Sheryl: “That’s why I said you can stay at my nan's”

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