Strange Things I Have Seen People Take A Picture Of

Why are they doing this?

Strange Things I Have Seen People Take A Picture Of

I have a question. Why do people film fireworks? Seriously. Why? I don’t get it! Like at all.

Who the hell ever watches that back!? No one. Just enjoy the damn moment and if you want to watch fireworks later get around some YouTube clips! 

Honestly, I don’t understand some of the things people film and take photos of. I know I take photos of some dumb things but this has gotten out of control.

Here are some of things I have seen people take pictures of:

  • I saw a man film the entire 45 minute decent into Sydney airport. 45 MINUTES! NO EXAGGERATION. Why?? For who? Seriously…who’s watching that back?!
  • I saw a woman take a picture of a speaker at a live event. As in a sound speaker. She then asked me to take a picture of her WITH the speaker (?) WHY?
  • I witnessed a man film an entire “Jungle Cruise” (with fake animals) ride at Hong Kong Disneyland - it was 8 minutes and it was an awful, awful ride…
  • I saw a woman take pictures of every soft toy in the gift shop. There was a wall of soft toys! She took pictures of every toy individually… in the entire shop.
  • I watched a REALLY old woman film the aquarium for 4 minutes and most of it was out of focus and nowhere near the animals she wanted to film.
  • I saw someone take a picture of their sausage roll from Starbucks – I understand if it’s a fun acai bowl with flowers but I mean a sausage roll? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    (In saying that I am thinking of starting a sausage roll appreciation Instagram page.)

What stupid thing have you seen someone take a picture of/film?

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