Should The Prime Minister's Personal Finances Be Made Public?

Malcolm Turnbull calls in!

Should The Prime Minister's Personal Finances Be Made Public? AAP

What would you do if you were forced to reveal your personal finances to millions of strangers?

This is what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had happen to him quite recently and so, when he called in to chat to Hit105's Stav, Abby and Matt, they couldn't help but ask how he felt when he was told that he had to expose his personal finances.

"Well, everyone knows what the Prime Minister is paid. As it happens, Lucy and I have always been generous, philanthropic [and] we've always believed that we have been successful financially, it's true.

"Yes, we've worked hard but we've had plenty of good luck too and there's plenty of people who have worked harder than us that haven't been as financially successful, so we've always given back and yes, we've always, for a long time, made a substantial contribution to good causes, mostly medical research."

He also revealed that he does not currently hold a government credit card, but has a variety of his own and whether or not he's generally expected to pay for things when out with friends and colleagues:


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