Grant Denyer Highlights Australia's Current Farmers' Drought

He's affected too!

Grant Denyer Highlights Australia's Current Farmers' Drought @grantdenyer Instagram

Australia is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in years, with farmers all over the country struggling to keep their livestock alive.

Grant Denyer, who lives on a farm himself, highlighted the severity of the drought on Instagram yesterday, sharing an image of his farm looking dry as a bone.


"Situation critical. This is how dry it is at our place. My wife just took this photo of our backyard and paddocks. So dry, the kangaroos are drinking out of our dog bowl. 

"We’re lucky we don’t rely on the farm for income but so many in regional Australia do. It’s so sad right now. In many places it’s the worst drought since records began. There’s not only a financial toll but also a mental and emotional one. 

"Some families are at breaking point, unable to afford food & with no choice but to shoot their stock so they don’t starve & suffer a slow death. Mental health issues have risen 70% in our region & suicide by farmers is the most tragic consequence of such a drastic situation.

"Farmers harvest our food and the materials for the clothes on our back... please think of them. We need them. They need us."

The presenter supports Rural Aid and has travelled out to some of the affected farms to lend a hand to those who have suffered hardest during the drought.

This morning, Hit105's Stav, Abby and Matt discussed the drought and what could be done to help the families who are currently living through this dire situation:


Has the drought affected you?

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