Jake takes Flo to a waterfall I get it


We quickly learn that tonight is all about that Rose and cutting grass as we see Jake swoop in and get take Flo away from Davy we are seeing our first love triangle form its pointy angles! 

Kiera desperate for some camera time gives her words of advice without moving her face once so its hard to tell if she's being sincere .

Flo is dressed for a serious hike in her bikini top and denim shorts I'm guessing mossies and chafe are not issues for her.

Apparently everyone on the Goldy has a Jake Ellis story new bachie drinking game six degrees of Jake Ellis.

Jake takes Flo to a waterfall I see what he did there.

Davy is pissed he isn't flowing with flo. 

Luke prays to the "fiji gods" for more women and we all know god has a sick sense of humour and in walks Sam THE MAN.

Sam is still rocking the girl chilling at home low bun.

Tara calls it NO ROSE FOR YOU! Its a no from all the women and he gets his size questioned by Leah it goes down like a lead balloon.

Meanwhile Flo and Jake go for a dip she is especially careful not to dip her head under and ruin her full face of make up. Then we see a kiss from the two and she is secretly freaking out about how close they linger to the waterfall.

New Zealand dude who again I refuse to name because I don't wanna keep him is apparently making a connection.

Sam decades to "have a chat" AKA cut a deal with Keira she sees right through it Sam lets his hair down and looks like a washed up eighties rock star.

Tara is calling all the BS out and we need more of her reality injected into this "reality" show.

Davy is sending all the bad vibes Jake and Flo's way turns out they had a great time.

Michael fresh from a backyard tattoo session refers to flo as Jakes "bird" Hmmmmm........

Davy and Jake start sharpening their angles also why is Jake wearing a hat AT NIGHT when Davy is giving him more than enough shade.

Keira and Tara are telling her to "explore" Davy.

Flo then declares she wouldn't give Jake a rose and Davy is so happy! 

Brett all of a sudden becomes the topic of conversation and he allegedly has a girlfriend on the outside her name is Steph apparently.

Apparently Steph might be coming to paradise and I pray to the "fiji gods" this happens right after Brett has a loose night and necks on with a girl.

OMG I HAVE NEVER CRAVED A DIRTY STREET PIE MORE! Yes Laurena is all I need in my life right now.

She reveals she does some of her best work on holidays and she is scared of breaking a few hearts Im obsessed.

She is armed with a date card and she isn't afraid to use it. Blake the snake slithers towards her declaring his interest.

Im living for her and Keira to interact will I hope they become besties actually as enemies they will also be just as amazing to watch.

Blake comes over again and asks if she thought he was a dick and she says she like that, Im glad she made her interests clear.

Blake gets a date and Michael also declares his interest.

OMG DIRTY STREET PIE IS GOING TO GET A WHOLE LOT DIRTIER as they slather each other in mud.

Blake asks Laurena if she's just here for publicity LOL

He goes in for the kiss she politely accepts it and says thank you as if he has just opened a car door for her.

We are seeing the couples form and Sam ain't happy he is determined to get as much airtime as he can.

Tara isn't a fan of whats going on and wants everyone to know that she doesn't care about Brett staying. 

Lisa wants as many single men around as possible she doesn't wanna be the side chick.

IM SO CONFUSED ABOUT ALL OF THIS Tara wants everyone to know she doesn't play games so monopoly is not happening. 

Tara has cracked the first tear and blows the lid open that they have played the producers so they can both get Skinny ME TEA deals on Instagram, he is refusing to clarify his relationship status.

The producers are pissed he clears it up by saying its not Facebook official phew because that clears it up completely.

Brett is annoyed his cover is blown he can see that Skinny ME TEA deal slip through his fingers.

I can't wait to see Steph arrive and them pretend not to have their cover blown and not be bothered by other people hooking up with them.

Other brings back the blazer to let everyone know the first rose ceremony needs to be taken seriously. 

Jake whisks Flo off into the bushes for one last pitch. 

Davy brings Flo flowers and hints he wants the gesture returned.

Flo is channeling Eddie Maguire and is keeping everyone in suspense. 

All the men are propped up in front of the women all praying for extra airtime.

Osher proves he can do quick maths and lets us know that two guys will be leaving.

Nina gives New Zealand guy a rose

Leah picks Mack 

Keira picks sam 

Lauren picks blake 

this is awesome good game is a quick game

Tara picks...... Michael

Its all down to Flo which way will she go? (sorry couldn't help myself)

SHE PICKS JAKE!!! Damn Davy thats gotta hurt.

She legit seems very emotional over a dude she has known less than 48 hours. 

BYE BRETT go home to your girlfriend.