Jarrods here


Lets be real Jarrod and Keira were far too keen for a buck to hide that they are now a thing.

Guys we have all seen the pap pics BUT HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?!

Thats the main reason I am living for this episode

So the guys now have the power this episode, Flo has brought out the side boob again and she is full of regret after giving her side boob sorry rose to Jake. 

Keira is a fortune teller and she predicts that Michael will be coming into money as soon as the show wraps up that will come in the form of nightclub appearances and sponsored Instagram posts...damn she's good!

Seeing that he has such a bright future she picks him for a date.

Tara is a bit upset cause she had given her rose to him but she finds comfort in the fact she still has her frangipani that she obviously kept from the 90's.

Tara and Sam decide to give each other a therapy session and lets be honest they will do a much better job than those 'therapists" from Married at First Sight.

Michael starts the date off great by failing to remember who he actually was on a date with but to be fair guys its not like he can just look it up online he has to like think for like himself.

Keira states she asks for a helicopter and all she got was a horse, mate your on an island not in a mansion anymore she forgets she is on the low budget spin off.

Tara decides while Michael is on a date she will see who else might like her rose and in walks JARROD!

Now it makes sense where Jarrod was walking off to after Sophie dumped him after months of walking he finally made it.

Everyone loses their mind over Jarrod not since Stu and Sophie announced their break up had he been so happy!

He pulls out his date card Flo is scared he will glue himself to her and to be fair its a legit concern.

Tara and Sam seem to be making a connection and she saves him from an ant he owes her his life, what a binding experience.

Michael tells Keira she's not his type she feels like there is something there.

Michael tell Keira how beautiful Tara is he is really nailing this date, Keira feels good about their connection.

In walks Ali AKA crazy eyes, channel ten play a compilation of her craziest moments from the bachie and she declares every season needs a stage five clinger and she doesn't mind being it, I think Jarrod will definitely give her a run for her money.

 Flo is jealous there is a new side boob in town. Jake goes straight in for Ali making the perfect love triangle.

Ali reveals she was engaged and now she's not I'm sure the producers had nothing to do with this.

In walks Megan who decided to ditch Richie and hook up with Tiff a fellow contestant on the bachelor she announces she's keen for boys or girls.

Megan is given a personality "menu" to chose from and going against everything on the island she making a decision that isn't based on looks.

Jake is the winner Flo is mad even though she declared he had no interested in him.

Jarrod bless him paints his nail blue and says its to raise awareness for child abuse and I'm sure its really made a difference.

Return of the Mack interjects he clearly wants to put his trucker hat in the ring for Ali.

Leah gets jealous of Mack.

Mack gushes all over Ali and I think we have a reality inception it seems the stage five clinger has been clung.

Tara and Sam seem to be forming a bond to quote Tara they both are hot messes.

Keira and Michael are back from their date, Keira makes a beeline for Jarrod and reveals that slid into his DM's.

She is keen on sliding back in there with constant compliments.

Jake goes off to his blind date with Megan they know each other they met a year ago at a party it seems everyone does have a "Jake Ellis Story" 

He makes it clear that Flo is old news he is keen to sit on Megan's love couch.

Michael lets Tara know that he is still interested in her and that he prefers women who can still show expression in their face.

Tara blatantly attempts to make Michael jealous by saying she loved spending the day with Sam.

A nice love triangle is forming with Michael, Tara and Sam 


Megan , Jake and Flo 

Who would've thought all this drama would happen in such a short amount of time!