The Moon Is About to Put on a Show - Here’s How To Prepare

You could even call it a triple threat..

The Moon Is About to Put on a Show - Here’s How To Prepare Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We just hit the celestial trifecta! I'm excited about the moon tonight and here's why you should be too: 


- Tonight we'll see a Blood moon, Blue moon and a Super Moon, it will then pass through the earth's shadow which will create a total lunar eclipse.

- This hasn't happened in 152 years

- The eclipse will create a red colour which we refer to as a 'Blood Moon'.

- The Blue Moon isn't actually blue! It's blue appearance is caused by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere! Also... it doesn't happen often - 'once in a blue moon' - sound familiar?

- The Super Moon means that the moon is closest to earth as it orbits around us (in other words - the moon is friggen close in space talk…..but it’s still 360,198km away so don't freak out)


So, the question on everyone’s lips.... How does this crazy moon affect our emotions?

- It can magnify and amplify our emotions - so feel free to blame every melodramatic episode on the moon, it works a treat.

- The eclipse may bring sudden surprises in your life, use them to your advantage!

- The moon may be the reason you've been feeling tired, extra emotional or lethargic. Another good reason to prioritise your nap breaks.


To hear all about it, here's my chat with Vanessa Richardson (@Grounded_Goddess) Vanessa also offers psychic readings via email, and (trust me) she's amazing! <3