BACHELOR SPOILER ALERT: Tara Just Revealed What Position She Finishes On The Show

Pippa & Jimi Exclusive!

BACHELOR SPOILER ALERT: Tara Just Revealed What Position She Finishes On The Show

Tara may have dropped a massive bombshell just before The Bachelor finale!

Tara seemingly revealed to hit93.5 Dubbo's Pippa & Jimi that she was eliminated - but then covered it up by trying to claim she won! So which one is the truth!?

While discussing her scandal with Derek the waiter she referenced meeting up with him the week she got "eliminated" from the show. 

"I ran into him the weekend I got eliminated," she said, implying that she was NOT in Matty's final two.

That got Jimi and Pippa very interested in find out what she meant. Eliminated in third place!?

Jimi asked Tara, "Which position did you come in the show Tara?"

And Tara suddenly changed her tune.

"I won," she told Pippa & Jimi.

Jimi then clarified, "You won?"

"Yeah," Tara replied convincingly. "I won."

Pippa excitedly asked, "Did you win The Bachelor!?"

Tara then started laughing and said "maybe" before going quiet.

Jimi asked if the rumours were true and Tara was the one who turned Matty down when he proposed during the finale. 

"Yeah I was like mate don't rush into it man, just take it easy," Tara said. 

Jimi and Pippa brought the conversation back around to Tara supposedly seeing Derek the week she got eliminated. Tara quickly claimed that she actually meant she met up with Derek the waiter the week the show finished, not the week she was eliminated. 

So was she just trying to cover her tracks!?

Pippa and Jimi attempted to get to the bottom of it! Have a listen to the full chat below and make up your own mind about everything!

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