Lion Star Spills Big Movie Secret

A Paul and Woody exclusive

Lion Star Spills Big Movie Secret

Saroo Brierley, the man behind the Golden Globe nominated sensation Lion, dropped a bombshell this morning for Paul and Woody on Hobart's Hit 100.9.

Lion, starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman, tells the story of Saroo's journey as a 4 year old child lost in India and how he ended up finding his biological mother 20 years later, via Hobart, on google!

After being quizzed about the possibility of a sequel, Saroo told Paul and Woody that "There is actually a musical that is being created in Birmingham".

Saroo went on to reveal that "There will definitely be a prequel but I don't know about a sequel. We've been asked to write a book about this amazing, profound story. That's gonna come out first, the book, and later on, it will most likely be turned into a movie as well".

The prequel to Lion will follow the story of Saroo's adoptive and biological mothers.

Listen to Saroo with Paul and Woody, and find out who he originally wanted to portray him in Lion.  

Take a look at the trailer of this must-watch film.