Who Stole Your Thunder? Nick & Zoe Put The Call Out!

We hear your stories!

Who Stole Your Thunder? Nick & Zoe Put The Call Out!

Has anyone stolen your thunder? You know, when it's your BIG moment and someone just swoops in and takes the thunder from right underneath you? Nick & Zoe opened up the phone lines this morning to hear your stories!

After Prince George & Princess Charlotte stole the thunder at a family friends wedding, Nick & Zoe wanted to know who stole YOUR thunder?

"If you're spending $65,000, even if you're spending $500 on a wedding, you are the centre of that day. It is all about you. Nobody should be wearing, acting, saying, doing anything in a way that could take the thunder away from you", Zoe said. 

We had Angela call up who said her 14-year-old son stole her thunder. 

"I love doing jigsaw puzzles. I was working on one and it was taking up the kitchen table for a couple of weeks. He walked past it when I had almost finished it and he put the last piece in the puzzle."

NOOOOO! The worst part is it was an 1,000 piece puzzle! Heartbreaking.

Mandy also gave us a call and said she had THREE fur babies in her wedding. 

"Our adopted pug was going around the wedding drinking everybody's champagne."

I wish I was that pug.

Our funniest caller had to be young Oscar who told us his friends came over and said they started making custard without telling anyone! NO WAY! But they also put the WHOLE BAG OF SUGAR in the custard. Sickening. You tell 'em, Oscar!

If you missed the chat, you can hear Nick & Zoe's catch up here: