Gippsland Police Are NOT Happy With How You're Using Facebook

Are you one of 'those' people?

Gippsland Police Are NOT Happy With How You're Using Facebook

We all know someone who uses Facebook as their own personal diary, and you know what, that's fine #youdoyou 

Warning: rant ahead...

But the MAFFRA police have reached their wits end with locals posting "social media hysteria" online (particularly over youth crime) rather than just reporting incidents to the correct authorities! 

Sergeant Anthony Dessent stated that the number of "unwarranted and unnecessary" social media posts has increased due to recent crimes committed by a group of local youth, and that the police themselves have received only "a limited number of formal complaints" regarding the behaviour, all of which have been investigated.

Police ask those posting these incidents, that in the first instance, to contact their local police station or 000, and to report these incidents to police rather than posting incidents on social media. Maffra police would like to assure the community any incidents involving youths causing trouble are taken seriously and will be investigated thoroughly.

- Sergeant Anthony Dessent

Moral of the story? If you witness criminal behaviour, call 000 BEFORE turning to social media. While your friends may have more sympathy, reacts and opinions to give, the police are more likely to actually help stop the crime. 

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