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What Changes Does George Christensen Suggest To Help Our Farmers?

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What Changes Does George Christensen Suggest To Help Our Farmers?

This morning Johnno & Rach spoke to Member of the House of Representatives George Christensen about what changes Australia can make to help our farmers through the drought.

Mr. Christensen suggested that a more ethical stance needs to be taken by major supermarkets and retailers, saying, “I really don’t understand why supermarkets have to drive to the bottom cost all the time because it always effects the farmers.”

Johnno and Rach inquired whether an award rate or salary could be instituted for farmers, to which Mr. Christensen pointed out that the sugar industry has a code of conduct that could be similarly imitated in the dairy industry.

“If we had a dairy industry code of conduct for the dairy farmers we could get a bit more of a level plain field going on between them and the supermarkets and their processes in terms of what they’re paid… I think we’re going to have to look at all these sectors and if there’s imbalances in the sort of relationship… between the farmer and whoever pays them, then perhaps we need to have a code of conduct put in.”

- George Christensen

Mr. Christensen also pointed out that over time input costs and production costs have risen while farmer’s pay has gone down.

Catch up on the chat below, and let us know if you think major supermarkets and retailers need to be more ethical in their dealings with farmers, or if there’s another solution that could help our farmers?



Image source: Daily Mercury