Pink Silks Race Day

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Pink Silks Race Day

It was Pink Silks Race day over the weekend here in Coffs Harbour and the Pink Silks Committee also celebrated 11 years of unbelievable fundraising for the Coffs Coast. The Pink Silks Committee originally set out to raise money and create awareness for breast cancer research but no one was to know the impact the funds would have on the community over the last 11 years. 

Anyone who has been to a Pink Silks event know's the passion and energy that goes into each and every event, and when they started in 2007 all funds went to national research institutes. It was then apparent that there are so many other women health issues, where local awareness was needed to be focused and equipment bought to support them. Just last year the committee raised funds for a rescue vehicle that will surely save lives in areas where time is everything. 

Tanya Johnson who has been there from the start joined Joel and Tulles this morning to celebrate the unbelievable amount of $750,000 raised by the committee and the community. At times it was emotional but always inspiring, listen below.