Jesse & Juelz's Thank God You Called

Your new favourite radio game!

Jesse & Juelz's Thank God You Called

Imagine calling your friend for a quick chat only for them to answer in an absolute panic saying that they were half way through shopping in Ikea and their waters had just broken and they didn’t know what to do! What would you do? What advice would you give? With WA listening!

These are the kinds of situations we give our listeners when we play "Thank God You Called". We play this homage (loving rip-off) to a TV classic Tuesdays after 8am. Keep it on hit95.7 and have 13 12 16 locked and ready to go to play your new favourite radio game! 

Not to mention if you call and play you could also WIN $50! 

Last week Stevo from Australind called in to play and it is EVERYTHING!