Job: Mornings Announcer and Music guy


Favourite artist: YEEZY YEEZY YEEZY! Kanye is definitely up there with Frank Ocean, Chance the Rapper and Coldplay. I have a very eclectic music taste, anything that is high quality music!


When pay day comes around I buy: Clothing. I love fashion and have very expensive taste.


Perfect day: Sleep in, go for a walk to Merewether Ocean Baths and watch something on Netflix or Stan (no reality television!!) or play some Xbox with my wife. 


Top 3 movie quotes I use:

"I'll be back." Terminator

"Wax on, wax off." Karate Kid

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Star Wars IV


Favourite lyric: "My last name must be Robbin cause I'm Baskin in these asses, all 32 flavours keep calling." Flo Rida, Can't Believe It. (It's not really, it's just hilarious)


Things I like: Sport!! Massive NBA nerd, big ups to LeBron James. Love cricket, NFL, NRL, Rugby Union and heaps of others. But not AFL. Or professional darts.


Favourite food: BRING ME THE PIZZAS!! The two best places in Newcastle for pizza are Best Coast Pizza in Merewether and Guido’s Gourmet Pizza in Edgeworth. You’re welcome.


About me!


I was born and raised in Raymond Terrace at Riverview Ridge so don’t hate me please. I was homeschooled my whole life with my 2 younger sisters and, yes, I had friends and I am social. I am 21 and married my high school sweetheart in December 2016.


I'm on 9am- 12pm every weekday so feel free to give me a buzz on 13 10 60 and we can chat! I'm on Insta and Twitter @jakesocean