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Karl Stefanovic Still Furious at His Brother

"He is just a s**t of a brother"

The professional relationship between Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner is repaired, however things between the Stefanovic brothers appears to still be tense.

Speaking to Hughesy and Kate on Thursday afternoon, Hughesy asked the Today Show Hosts who would be sitting on the Channel Nine, Logies table.

Stefanovic said he believes his brother is one person who shouldn’t be invited (to the Logies) revealing that the two haven’t made up over the (UBER) incident.

A private phone call was recorded by an Uber driver while Peter Stefanovic was in the back of an Uber late at night, speaking to his brother, Karl on speakerphone.
It is believed the brothers talked about Karl’s Today co-host Gardner, Nine executives and entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins during the conversation.

The Uber driver was attempting to sell the recording to media outlets, but because it was an illegally recorded conversation it could not be directly quoted from.

Hear the full interview below.

Part 1.

Part 2.