Women should be able to walk freely

Something needs to change

Women should be able to walk freely

Eurydice Dixon tragically lost her life last week after allegedly being assaulted then murdered. Eurydice was 22 years old and walking home after completing a stand up gig. Eurydice was minding her own business and walking a path she has walked multiple times before. Eurydice followed advice women have been told countless times before. She informed her partner she was safe and nearly home. Unfortunately though this didn't stop her attacker and on Tuesday 12th of June her life was cut short. 

As soon as I heard the news of Eurydice Dixon's death I went into shock. A part of me wonders why, as this isn't the first story of a girl losing her life while minding her own business. 

It caused me to feel a mix of emotions but more importantly made me ask, why can't women walk freely outside without a fear of being attacked? 

I shared my thoughts on the show this morning which you can listen to below. 



We as a society need to start having conversations with our parents, sons and daughters. I called my dad to get his thoughts on the topic but more so to see if he would change the advice he has given myself and my brothers in the wake of Eurydice Dixon's death. 



Women should be able to walk freely and I truly hope that one day we will be able to, however until a change occurs in society myself and women across Australia have to stay vigilant and safe when outside. – Herbie