When Is It Too Soon To Move On After A Break Up?

Is there a cooling period?

When Is It Too Soon To Move On After A Break Up?

This morning, news broke that a former staffer for Barnaby Joyce is expecting his baby after the politician had an affair.

This comes as couple Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough all but confirmed their rumoured engaged after Karl’s split from his wife of 21 years. 

So, this got us thinking: Is an appropriate time to move on after a breakup?

Heidi, Xavier and Ryan decided to ask listeners where they stood and we were met with some super cute and very interesting stories!

It turns out, some of the strongest love stories have formed after two people just got out of a relationship. Some didn’t even wait 24 hours!

Listen below as one woman explains how her current boyfriend broke up with his partner the day she met him because their spark was so strong!

Do you think there should be a cooling off period after a breakup? Let us know in our Facebook comments!


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