We Tracked Down ‘Jenni’ After Love Signs Were Left For Her On Leach Highway!

We spoke to Jenni live on air!

We Tracked Down ‘Jenni’ After Love Signs Were Left For Her On Leach Highway!

This morning, hundreds of commuters travelling along Leach Highway were met with about a dozen signs made out of bedsheets all with messages of love for a woman named Jenni.

“Jenni - I am in <3 with you and it’s scary but exciting”
“Belmont Bunnings Jenni - I am hopelessly yours”
“No conditions. Nothing other than your <3 Jenni”

These are just some of the messages written in a love story that captivated Perth commuters this morning.

But WHO is Jenni?

Who wrote these signs? Why did they do this? What happened?

We posted the photos to our social media pages with the hashtag #WhoIsJenni

After a caller phoned in to Heidi Xavier & Ryan after driving past the signs, we made it our mission to track down Jenni and find out what this was all about.

Not only did Jenni herself end up calling through, but we spoke to the person who put up the signs as well!

Take a listen to how is all unfolded below! 


Jason tells his side of the story! 

How cute is this story!! 

Did you see the signs this mornings? How would you have reacted if someone did this for you? Let us know in our Facebook comments... and of course, tag all your mates called Jenny! 

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