WA Cricketer Brad Hogg Defends Cameron Bancroft Amidst Cheating Scandal

"He’s been put under the bus"

WA Cricketer Brad Hogg Defends Cameron Bancroft Amidst Cheating Scandal Brad Hogg Facebook

Australia is still recovering after the shocking ball tampering scandal over the weekend which saw captain Steve Smith, unnamed teammates and leadership group members hatch out a plan at lunch time to tamper with the ball; an act carried out by youngster Cameron Bancroft.

The following 48 hours have been like a bad dream for the cricketing world as we struggle to come to terms with such a serious sporting offence.

This morning, Heidi, Xavier & Ryan spoke with Aussie cricketer Brad Hogg to hear his recount of watching it happen live. 

Brad said the second he saw what happened, he believed it was not a decision Bancroft had made. 

“I just thought right, he’s been put under the bus right here, right now. There’s no way that’s in his character to do such a thing and it was really disappointing.

"It was hurtful for the fact that he plays grade cricket for us and you’ve seen him grow up as a 13-year-old, he has that passion to play for Australia… It’s just disappointing to see one of your juniors you’ve seen grow, get to the top, and within eight test matches, he’s got this controversy under his belt and he’s going to have to live with it for the rest of his life." (Article continues below) 

Listen to our full interview with Brag Hogg below:

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