Vanessa Has Confirmed That Sunshine Isn't Her Real Last Name

We knew it!

Vanessa Has Confirmed That Sunshine Isn't Her Real Last Name Channel Nine

If you've been watching The Bachelor and every single episode, wondered if Sunshine was, in fact, Vanessa's real last name... you're not alone.

Many viewers have been wondering if this was her legal name, or a name she had taken on sometime in her life because, come on, no one can be given a last name THAT good at birth... right?!


Xavier was one of the many Bachelor viewers who had been wondering all season if Vanessa Sunshine was indeed her real name, so when she called in for a chat earlier this morning, he just had to ask!

Funnily enough, it's not!

Vanessa explained to Heidi, Xavier and Ryan that Sunshine is actually her middle name, not her surname!

"It's my real name, it was the name I was born with. If you want to get real technical it's my middle name and I defaulted to using it as my surname when I was maybe 23.

"It's just what I identify better with."

Vanessa explained that she doesn't actually think The Bachelor is as edited as we think it is!

Listen to the full chat below to hear what Vanessa thinks of how the girls in the mansion are portrayed:

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