The Surprise Twist Of The $20K Towards Your Day Competition Just Shocked The Runner Up!

Drumroll please...

The Surprise Twist Of The $20K Towards Your Day Competition Just Shocked The Runner Up!

Earlier today, we revealed that Kym and Kenz had won the $20K Towards Your Wedding Day competition thanks to all of the people of Perth who voted for them!

Over 30,000 votes were counted and although Kym and Kenz won the prize, a lot of people felt for Amy and Jamie who wanted to get married quickly.

At the beginning of the competition, Amy explained that she wanted to get married quickly so that her ill grandad could attend. 

She said that he had only been given a year and that if they were given the $20,000, they would use it to throw a beautiful wedding as soon as possible.

After the votes were counted and it was revealed that Kym and Kenz had won, Heidi, Xavier and Ryan made a few calls so that they could offer Amy and Jamie a VERY special surprise gift.

Heidi, Xavier and Ryan asked Amy if she would be willing to get married, live on air, next Friday and allow our team to organise the entire thing for her!

Have a listen to the moment where Amy was offered the surprise wedding earlier today:

Now, because Jamie had to fly away for work, Amy was on the radio alone this morning.

So, after the offer was made, we gave her a little time to think about it and to call Jamie to see what he thought about the idea.



Next Friday Amy and Jamie will be getting married live on air with Heidi, Xavier and Ryan!

Tune in to Heidi, Xavier and Ryan next Friday to be apart of Amy and Jamie's big day!

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