The Facebook Privacy Scandal Explained In 5 Minutes

What exactly is going on?

The Facebook Privacy Scandal Explained In 5 Minutes Facebook

All weeks you’ve probably seen the same story regarding Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica flooding your newsfeeds.

But just what exactly is going on?

Heidi, Xavier & Ryan spoke with tech expert Trevor Long to let him explain to us, what is happening.

Take a listen below:


“Have you ever filled out one of those quizzes on Facebook that says ‘What Kardashian Are You?’ Those things are apps. When you do them, you log in with Facebook and most of the time, you’re handing over your private information.

“Five years ago, a bunch or people filled out one of these surveys and indirectly gave 87 million people’s details over; so friends of friends and everything.

“That information was then sold and used for political marketers.”

If you want to find out if your information was shared, click here

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