Meet The Mum Taking A Stand Against Bullying In Australian Schools

"Australia's had enough."

Meet The Mum Taking A Stand Against Bullying In Australian Schools

Three weeks ago, news spread of a Perth child who was severely bullied at school in an act that shocked the nation.

10-year-old Amber Yoon said that a classmate made a noose out of a skipping rope and tried to hang her from a tree with it. 

It was a traumatic incident that's left the young girl scared about returning to school and her mother infuriated. 

Bullying is a big issues in Australian schools with children being mocked and beaten regularly. After what happened to Amber, her mother Belle Yoon has decided to take a stand against bullying in Perth schools, to make sure that what happened to her daughter, doesn't happen again. 

Belle spoke with Heidi, Xavier and Ryan on air this morning about Amber's experience and how it's prompted her to call for action when it comes to bullying in schools.

"Australia's had enough. The amount of stories that have been sent to me, not just from WA but Australia, even worldwide, it's been overwhelming.

"It's not just about Amber anymore, it's about every child.

"It destroys families and the fact is, it's such a preventable thing. We're dealing with children, it doesn't make sense to me why they're occurring so often and why families are just getting destroyed by this because there is things we can do."

Have a listen to Belle's full interview below to hear what she's doing to combat bullying:

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