Hey Bruce Springsteen... Come To Our Oz Day BBQ!

Bruce spotting in Perth

The guys have gone a bit Bruce Springsteen crazy this week, seeing The Boss is in #Perth for his three big shows.

It all started when Woody revealed something massive. That he was working out at the gym next to the man himself.


If that wasn’t enough, Heidi revealed that the Boss himself is looking for some hangs on Australia Day, to maybe catch the fireworks and have an Aussie BBQ.

So, we put it to the people of Perth, and Trent from Ballajura’s “Slip and Bleed” Oz Day party was put forward as just one option for Bruce.

Trent pleads his case in the video above.

If the Boss doesn’t end up making it, don’t worry Trent… we reckon Heidi, Will and Woody sound pretty keen.