Heidi Calls Out Cat After She Said She Had A "Great Relationship With Nick" On The Bachelor

"I never said with Nick..."

Heidi Calls Out Cat After She Said She Had A "Great Relationship With Nick" On The Bachelor Network Ten

Last night on The Bachelor, it finally happened. All three of this season's "mean girls" left the mansion, some in more spectacular ways than others.

After hearing that Cat had been stirring the pot a little bit too much, Nick Cummins aka the Honey Badger decided to ask Cat to leave; Romy decided to leave when offered the final rose of the night and Alisha, just simply didn't receive a rose.

Australia has exploded online, slamming the girls for their behaviour on The Bachelor and how they treated the other women in the mansion and so, before having the girls on the show this morning, Heidi, Xavier and Ryan asked the people of Perth what they would like to know about the three girls.

Cat and Romy chatted to the team this morning and said that yes, they've been receiving a lot of hate online for their behaviour, but that "people need to realise that it's reality TV, it's a drama show, we have roles to play and there is so much you don't see."

Cat explained that she actually had a good relationship with the Honey Badger and the other girls in the mansion, but the footage was never shown.

"People need to remember that they don't see anything. I actually was there to win, I had a great relationship with Nick, we just didn't see that.

"On our 10 hour single date, we only saw seven minutes of footage, you didn't even see the kiss that was cut out!"


After hearing this, Heidi then just had to mention what happened between Cat and the Honey badger during last night's episode.

She explained that he didn't seem to impressed with Cat's behaviour and that "adamant that he knew that you girls were doing a lot of pot-stirring" and therefore, didn't seem too impressed with Cat.

So, did she really have a good relationship with him?

Suddenly, Cat backflipped and said that she never said that she had a good relationship with Nick!

Listen to the full conversation below to hear what Cat and Romy have to say about their relationship with The Bachelor:

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