Hayden & Sara Respond To 'The Block' Judges Saying They Cannot Take Feedback

"We were taking feedback on board."

Hayden & Sara Respond To 'The Block' Judges Saying They Cannot Take Feedback Channel Nine

As you may remember, on Sara and Hayden (mainly Sara) decided to walk off The Block after getting a low score for their bathroom.

The couple had been accused of not taking on the judges feedback on the show, which would then ultimately lead to their low scores, but Sara and Hayden have said that this is totally wrong.


Whilst speaking to Heidi, Xavier and Ryan this morning, the couple explained that they would take on the judges feedback every week, but for some reason, it didn't help them.

"A lot of feedback we've been getting is that we don't actually take feedback on board, but every week that's what we were doing.

"We were taking feedback on board and we were manipulating our rooms to just try and kind of suit the judges, but every week we just kept getting knocked back."

Sara explained that it can be very "hard emotionally" to have your rooms knocked down by the judges week after week and that's what eventually led to her walking off the show.

Listen to the full conversation about the walk-out below:

Luckily, the couple has chosen to remain on The Block and have explained that hopefully, they'll be able to get some better results.

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