Dave Hughes Has A Pretty Surprising Confession To Make

It involves Netflix

Dave Hughes Has A Pretty Surprising Confession To Make Network Ten

During our Confessions segment, we've heard some pretty insane stories! Some people have admitted to cheating on their spouses and others have admitted to stealing from their bosses... it's pretty crazy stuff!

We thought that Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes would have some pretty whacky confessions of his own and so when he popped in to chat with Heidi, Xavier and Ryan this morning, we asked him if there was anything he wanted to own up to live on air.

Funnily enough, Hughsey did have one story that he wanted to share and Netflix played a big part it in.

Turns out, whilst watching shows on the streaming service, Hughesy would skip through whatever he was watching to find the nude scenes!

Have a listen to how his sneaky habit affected his wife:

Have you ever skipped through a movie or TV show to find the nude scenes?

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