We need a road trip theme song... But we all think our own is the best.

VOTE who made the best jingle?

We need a road trip theme song... But we all think our own is the best.

We're going on a 5-day caravan and camping trip through WA’s Coral Coast!!

Thanks to Tourism WA, we get to travel along the coastline to places like this:


And swim is the gloriousness of WA water like THIS!!




But firstly, we needed a theme song to our road trip... So Heidi, Will & Woody spent the weekend writing and producing their own parody to suit our slogan "Just Another Day in WA". 

Heidi opted for her own WA version of '4 Non Blondes - What's Up'

Will chose the fitting, 'Bad Day' by Daniel Puder

And Woody showed his talents with his remake of Alanis Morissette's smash hit, 'Ironic'

Of course, listening to these songs you'll realise they aren't exactly... well... They aren't that great! (soz guys)

The Badger (me) saw an opportunity to show 'What's Up' with her music skills and let Heidi, Will & Woody know what a theme song sounds like that is not ironic, it's ICONIC... It's not a bad day, it's A FABULOUS DAY. So she whipped up this Badger Banger during the traffic break!

It's definitely the winner...


You can vote for your favourite road trip jingle on the Heidi, Will & Woody Facebook page!

If you know someone who has NEVER been to WA, enter them to join us on the trip!