The People Of Perth Reveal How Long They Can Go Without Showering

So dirty!

The People Of Perth Reveal How Long They Can Go Without Showering

Have you ever gone a few days without showering? It turns out you are not alone, as Heidi, Will and Woody discovered this morning!

Will explained that he had recently spent some time apart from his girlfriend, and when he got home he discovered something pretty unusual. 

"I went to go and take a shower, and the shower was very dry," Will said, before revealing he then discovered that his girlfriend hadn't showered for three whole days. 

They put the call out to the people of Perth to find out the longest time anyone had ever gone without showering - and it turns out there are a lot of dirty people in our city. 

Rose called in and revealed she can go most of the week without showering. 

"I shower on a Monday night, and then 'cos I have training until late and I don't get home I shower ahead on a Friday night," Rose said. 

Jamie dobbed in his old workmate "Dirty Dave" who used to go three or four weeks without showering and was always covered head to toe in dirt. 


Bree then topped things off with her story of her boyfriend. She went away for over three weeks, and when she returned absolutely nothing in the shower had moved.

"He went an entire month without having a shower," Bree said. "I got home, the entire house smelled of mouldy cheese, he hadn't opened any windows for three weeks!"

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