Heidi's Letter To Her Mum For Mother's Day

Get out the tissues!

Dearest Mum,

Firstly I want to wish you a very happy mother’s day, you mean the absolute world to me and I know this one is going to be our toughest Mother’s Day yet after losing your beautiful mum and my special grandmother Brenda May last year.

Life is so short and it’s not until you lose someone close to you that you are reminded how precious life really is. 

It was Nan who always said;

“Say the nice things to people when they’re alive because they won’t hear you when they are dead.” 

I know, I tell you I love you often and we check in when we can but what I don't tell you enough is just how special you are to me.

Our relationship has always been a bit up and down, we have always had that stereotypical mother-daughter relationship… We love each other one minute and the next we can’t stand one another. 

I look back now at my teenage years and I now understand the tumultuous relationship we had, we were both super anxious people and together that used to cause some real explosions. Ha ha - god just thinking about it, I was such a little shit and I am truly sorry for what I put you and Dad through in my teenage years, but unfortunately I believe it’s really what made me into the person I am today. 

“You’ve got to be wild and crazy to be old and wise”

 That’s a quote I firmly believe and if what Dad has told me before is true, you were a little crazy yourself growing up too.


Just writing this now, I feel a little teary because I think as people we get so caught up in the everyday chit-chat that sometimes we forget to tell people what they really mean to us. 

Mum you are an inspiration. Your hard work, passion and dedication to follow your dreams is why I am chasing mine today. 

Your dream was to open a coffee shop and I have seen you build that from the ground up and almost 30 years later, it is the most successful cafe in Bathurst.

It blossomed and exploded and I have witnessed firsthand the hard work, blood, sweat, tears and love you have put into that place. 

You are the reason why I believe, that I can achieve anything with hard work and I don't think I tell you that enough.

Dad has always said it and he is right, you are the rock in our family, you hold us together and you love each and every one of us unconditionally and I know that must be tough at times.

Last year when you lost your Mum, you still held it all together for us kids and your brother and sisters and I will never forget that. 

You held my hand when I wanted to say goodbye to Nan the morning of her funeral. You did that, even though you were breaking inside, you did that for me and I am so glad I had you by my side.

You are kind, caring and one in a million. 

People are drawn to you and everyone who ever meets you, always says; 

“How cute you are and how much they love you”. 

I used to laugh as a teenager and think these people were crazy as they weren't obviously seeing the same person I was, but today that is a different story. 

I now see what they see. 

You would do absolutely anything for anyone, the time and love you give people blows me away, from my cousins to your customers at the coffee shop. You are always wanting to help others and put them before yourself.

Mum I have so much more to say but I’ve been given a length and my time is well and truly over.

I will leave you with some music lyrics from a very special song, one that you chose to play your Mum at her funeral but I believe sums up our relationship too,

“Mama thank you for who I am

Thank you for all the things I'm not

Forgive me for the words unsaid

For the times

I forgot

Mama remember all my life

You showed me love, you sacrificed

Think of those young and early days

How I've changed

Along the way

And I know you believed

And I know you had dreams

And I'm sorry it took all this time to see

That I am where I am because of your truth

And I owe it all to you mama"

Happy mother’s day Kimmy, I love you!!!