Bill Shorten On Marriage Equality Plebiscite And Postal Vote: “This Is A Waste Of Time And Money”

He explains the options.

Bill Shorten On Marriage Equality Plebiscite And Postal Vote: “This Is A Waste Of Time And Money”

The big topic today has been the Turnbull government’s plans to hold a public vote on same-sex marriage, and Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten opened up to Heidi, Will and Woody with his thoughts on the issue.

Mr Shorten explained that the government would still like to hold a marriage equality plebiscite, and if that doesn’t happen then they will run a non-compulsory postal vote

“It is just hopeless,” Mr Shorten told Heidi, Will and Woody. “Just so people understand, the Labor Party is happy to have a vote in Parliament.”

“This is a waste of time and money,” he continued. “They either want to have a plebiscite, which has already been rejected by the parliament, but if they don’t get that they want to have a postal vote. So they’re going to send out sixteen and a half million envelopes with another envelope inside that with a voting slip and they’re going to ask people to give them their view.

“But it’s not like an election where you’ve got to live with the result. It’s an opinion poll. You don’t have to vote, you can chuck it in the bin, feed it to the dog, put it on the fridge.”

Mr Shorten spoke passionately about his thoughts on marriage equality, and said that if there was a free vote most MPs would actually vote for it.  

“Some of the anti-marriage equality arguments are just weird and that puts a lot of pressure on young gay people, he said.

“Why are we creating a different law process for same sex couples as opposed to any other group of Australians? Why do they have to jump through more hoops, why do they have to get their relationship ticked off by everyone else?” Mr Shorten said. 

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